We gather this Saturday for Sunday morning start.. can anyone help with lifts? Add replies to comments ection below   1: Is anyone is driving up and back to Brighton, London or generally the SouthEast who might give Rob a lift? 2: is anyone else driving up from South Wales […]

Lift sharing for the PDC

Its a simple yet powerful idea. Lots of people chip in a small amount and it makes good things happen. Crowdfunding cuts out the middle man and puts resources exactly where they are needed. Here at Sector39 we are convinced that this is a very smart way to drive forward […]

Supporting permaculture education via Crowdfunding

Map of trip from Sector39 office in Llanrhaeaadr village, to Bont, where the PDC is based
All course participants and interested parties: General info page for the September PDC in Llanrhaeadr. Where to? Sector39 are based in Dragons Cooperative, we have a shop front on Market Street, Llanrhaeadr Ym Mochnant, SY10 0JN. We have offices and teaching facilites here. The course: We will be camped at […]

Info page for the Sept PDC

Course advert Sept 2015, Sector39 #PDC
I wrote this in response to an interested party to our next full Permaculture design course and thought it worth sharing here. There is also a short blog post in advance of the September PDC http://www.permaculturedesigncourse.co.uk/?p=663 For the two weeks of the course we will be camped about 1/4 of […]

What can I expect on the September PDC in Llanrhaeadr?

Course advert Sept 2015, Sector39 #PDC 1
Building on the launch of our new co-op: Dragons Housing Coop in Llanrhaeadr, we are really excited to be able to announce that our next full, residential PDC will also be based in the picturesque Welsh border village. We will be camping at a local organic small holding, home to […]

Next Sector39 PDC will be in Llanrhaeadr Ym Mochnant, Sept/ Oct

Here is a 3.5 min video, with an explanation of why permaculture is so important worthy of study.

Why study permaculture?

PDC June 2015 Mid Wales
Permaculture Now! The International Permaculture Convergence comes to UK this year, the Green party is surging in membership, the climate debate is escalating as the evidence mounts and mounts – the times they are a changin! Seriously though this is no time for triumphalism, we have serious challenges ahead of […]

Next up, Llanidloes in June

A young forest garden, in Llanfyllin Mid Wales
We will be based in the Tanat/ Cain Valley in the Welsh borders for this 2 week intensive PDC which will be running in September, after the International Permaculture Convergence in London. As well as covering the full curriculum as usual, this course will have focus on community ventures such […]

PDC: Community permaculture, housing coops and local food.