The challenge for the group t make their presentations was pretty immense. In our 10 years of teaching PDC’s as Sector39 I don’t think we have had such a big project with such far-reaching potentials to get our teeth stuck into quite like this before. Suddenly a lot of our […]

PDC Kamuli Day 12, Final presentations

A permaculture vision from Timor Leste
Don’t assume you are on the right track just because it is a well beaten path. The principle for day 11, as we immerse ourselves in the design tasks reminds us that we sometimes need to steer a path in to new territory. To solve the problems we have crated […]

PDC Kamuli Day 11: Use edges and value the marginal

Medical plants of East Africa by Najma Dharani
Ants for breakfast! Roasted and salted I had to admit the white ants are pretty delicious, it makes and interesting start to the day. On the subject of valuing diversity I guess it is a great example. Everything is part of the yield and everything has somewhere to go. We […]

Day 10 Use and value diversity

There are those people who believe that the world’s environmental problems are down to the fact that there are too many people; possibly because this absolves them of any responsibility for trying to resolve them. After all with all those Chinese people or whatever, what does it matter what I […]

PDC Kamuli day 8: Integrate rather than segregate – its all about people

Here is Ritchie's inital sketch of the land, we we are using our our inital basemap for the desgn exercise.
Working towards zero waste is such a key principle and a challenging one to explore in a place where almost no one makes compost, they use pit latrines and burn off plastic waste as there is no recycling. A bug-bear of mine from when we visited here last time was […]

Kamuli PDC Day 6 Produce no waste

We went on site visit to the land purchased by Dolen Ffermio.The group were able to see for the first time the land on which they will base their final permaculture design. The site lies within a very rural part of Kamuli and borders the great river Nile. The farm […]

Day 5 – Site visit to Dolen Ffermio Model Farm

Plant ID using Najma Dharani's wonderful books on teh Plants and Shribs of East Africa
Today was all about forest gardens and more importantly systems. With a guest lecture from Paul M. a key member of Dolen Ffermio and a lecturer of agro-ecology at Busoga University. Paul is an experienced gardener, farmer and community grower and shared his experiences from his own small holding near […]

Kamuli PDC Day 4, Apply limitations and accept feedback. Systems thinking

Studying nature, in nature whilst sheltering from the rain
Buro.. is good morning in Luo, the chef is called Anthony and the maid is called Salima. Maize starch boiled until it is a thick porridge is called posho and cooked plantain type bananna is called matoke We are learning all sorts of new things and meeting all sorts of […]

Kamuli PDC D3: Obtain a yield

An interesting coming togethr of minds
It is always a huge relief to be finally underway on a course like this; all the planning, booking venues and visits, planning sessions and putting together resources and finding the participants is always hard enough at home without doing it at such a distance. The venue is great, we […]

PDC Kamuli day 2 Catch and store energy D7

Permaculture is a process which starts with observation. Observation is the key to problem solving. The problem is the solution, a problem is simply the inverse of its own solution. This is not always apparent and a permaculture designer is required to drill down through the many symptoms of a […]

Day 6: PDC day 1 @ Kamuli

uwepo nursery, Jinjia
The 12 day PC starts tomorrow, so today we  have to travel north to Kamuli to meet our colleagues and course participants and to make preparations to begin the course. Although this is course number 29 for us, we have covered the 72 hour syllabus at least that may times […]

Preparation for permaculture: Day5

the river of molasses
Today we woke to the noise of thousands of rainforest creatures! Some woke up early and sat on the veranda to spot some early morning red-tailed monkeys and wildlife. For breafast we were given our first a rolex, a snack comprised of omelette with peppers and onion which is then […]

Jinja/ rainforest day 4

Equatorial rain forest to be more exact I guess. If permaculture is the intersection of ecology and economics, then possible]y nowhere do the two forces contrast each other more strongly than here. We only have a couple of days to relax before we get stuck in to the course so […]

Jungle, day 3