Richard from Sector39 receives an overhwlming welcome from St Jue's school
Permaculture isn’t explicitly political, it requires no belief or political persuasion. In fact permaculture transcends traditional boundaries as everyone: no matter their political outlook has to agree on the importance of soil, water and plants for prolonged human survival. It has been really exciting and reassuring to make connections with […]

Permaculture Politics

Permaculture embraces chance as the single most constant force. How we interact with change is our opportunity to shape things, to meet needs and to build productive and mutually beneficial relationships. Seeing change as an inevitable and as an opportunity is a shift in the way the work with the […]

Day 12 Designing for change

food forest map
After 12 days of tuition, study, reflection and practical work the groups are finally ready to present their design ideas. The PDC gives participants the opportunity to work on a real design, giving them real hands on expereince. To me this feels an essential component of the course, albeit a […]

Day 11: Use edges and value the marginal. Presentation day

Day 10 was a day of study and hard work by the teams as they worked on their design ideas. We were all working on the same task, to design forest garden for Busoga High school in the area we had surveyed last week. It is a hard task to […]

Day 10: Use and value the diversity of plants, people ...

Biochar produced on the course... energy for cooking and resilence in the soil. #carbon capture
“The bigger they are the harder they fall” If our carbon based energy systems collapse too quickly what we will we have left? Diversity and different approaches will hel cushion us from the huge changes when they can. If thousands of families were to cook with biochar and use it […]

Day 9- Use small and Slow Solutions

“Many hands make light work”   In permaculture principle 8 we look at how every element performs many functions and how to support key functions with many elements!   we began by looking at integrated pest management, using a biological rather than a chemical approach such as sacrifical planting to […]

Day 8-Integrate Rather Than Segregate

“Can’t see the wood for the trees”   Today we examined the 7th principle which covers design patterns found in the natural world, these are a source of inspiration for permaculture. ‘Pattern thinking’ can be used in a wide variety of situations, unlike specific techniques which can only be used […]

Day 7 -Design From Patterns to Details

fitting parts for stove
“A stitch in time saves nine” Waste not want not was the theme for today in principle 6, as what others fail to value can be a great gift to you in permaculture, we need to use what we have and look to the waste stream for resources, as waste […]

Day 6-Produce No Waste

“Let Nature Take Its Course”   Today the class paid a visit to the local Busoga School for the day where we dug out the ground and planted a Bananna guild behind one of the classrooms, and learned how to select and prepare Bananna suckers to grow more Bannanas! everyone […]

Day 5 – Use and Value Renewable Resources and Services

“The sins of the father are visited unto the seventh generation”   Today the class looked at the 4th permaculture design principle, Apply regulation and accept feedback, this involves thinking about long term impacts of our activities, and paying attention to feedback loops and cycles, maintaining a dynamic equilibrium within […]

Day 4 – Apply Regulation and Accept Feedback

“you can’t work on an empty stomach”   Permaculture principle number 3 is based around obtaining a yield and the best ways in which to do that, so today we looked at planting crops for the future in a sustainable and regenerative manner but also how to provide a more […]

Day 3 – Obtain A Yield

“Make Hay while the Sun Shines”   Today we looked at the second permaculture principle ‘catch and store energy’ starting with a good look at soil, what it does, what is in it and how best to care for and nurture it, we found that good healthy soil is bursting […]

Day 2. Catch and Store Energy

PDC T Shirts for Sale We have these fabulous T shirts made specially for the 2017 Uganda PDC course for sale! the purchase of one of these shirts will help us to fund the printing of more shirts that we can then distribute amongst the course students….at present we do […]

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Dear Friends, we are on a transformational journey…. With great excitement we begin the first day of the PDC in Kamuli, Uganda. Steve and the Sector39 team have been in the country for the past few days, preparing the ground for the course and for future permaculture opportunities including a […]

Making observations