Monthly Archives: May 2016

Plant ID using Najma Dharani's wonderful books on teh Plants and Shribs of East Africa
Today was all about forest gardens and more importantly systems. With a guest lecture from Paul M. a key member of Dolen Ffermio and a lecturer of agro-ecology at Busoga University. Paul is an experienced gardener, farmer and community grower and shared his experiences from his own small holding near […]

Kamuli PDC Day 4, Apply limitations and accept feedback. Systems ...

uwepo nursery, Jinjia
The 12 day PC starts tomorrow, so today we  have to travel north to Kamuli to meet our colleagues and course participants and to make preparations to begin the course. Although this is course number 29 for us, we have covered the 72 hour syllabus at least that may times […]

Preparation for permaculture: Day5