PDC day 8: Integration rules

Nature is all about connections. Nothing exists in isolation, life is a direct result of interactions between things and this is an essential observation and lesson to be integrated into our design perspective. If we want to emulate nature in design and receive the benefit of natural resilience and abundance then we have to design integrated systems.

We visited a 5-year-old housing co-op in nearby Meifod, where three families are building a shared vision of community and sustainability as they renovate a beautifully restore a 200-year-old farmhouse and land. Our study group contains 2 families who are working towards similar ambitions so the perspective offered is fascinating. We saw integrated growing systems, where compost making, chicken forage and orchard work as a mutually reinforcing whole. We learned of the values of hosting work days and volunteer stays, which have enabled the community to tackle a huge serious of challenges as they worked towards their goal. Truly inspiring, thank you so much for having us and sharing your experiences and energy. Diolch yn fawr i bawb!

Coming up in Glynceiriiog, near Llangollen.

Coming up in Glynceiriiog, near Llangollen. Very special day with author, herbalist and teacher Pip Waller.

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