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I like to say that change is the only constant in life that we are guaranteed, although I was corrected by Geoff Lawton at this year’s PDC where, in his earthworks session he pointed out that the fact that water always moves at right angles to contour is the constant he relies on when working on landscape projects. Semantics aside, change is what drives evolution, the world is never at rest, tides ebb and flow, the moon waxes and wanes and although these change conform to patterns the outcome is never exactly the same.

Permaculture design helps us deal with change, it is an approach that accepts nature’s flows and encourages us to channel materials and energy into where it is most useful, to places where we can develop yields that meet specific needs.


PDC vision for abundance and diversity at Pen Y Bryn

In permaculture design we explore the relationship between simplicity and complexity, based on the observation that nature is governed by a simple set of rules coupled with feedback, which in turn generates endless complexity. The group design task within the PDC only allows limited time and opportunity within the constricts of the course but pressed by the constraints of time it is often a very creative process and always yields interesting results.

We were taken through a detailed analysis of resources, goals and objectives before the group narrowed their focus to project a wonderful and informed vision for the potentials of the site we had been working on. I truly expect the ideas generated here will be the force that drives this design forward to implementation over the coming years, something i hope Sector39 and the PDC team will be closely involved with as it progresses.

Some people were nursing slightly sore heads on the final day after a truly wonderful course party featuring a performance from the unique, acerbic, funny and wonderfully musical Mobius Loop. Here is one of their YouTube videos from a previous occasion to give you a flavour. Enjoy!

RIP Bill and big up to the permaculture massive across the world, together we can create new possibilities! Thanks everyone for a wonderful and truly inspirational fortnight!

I will leave the final word to one of the course participants who posted this on their FB page on their homecoming.

“Horizontal with exhaustion after one of the most incredible mind-blowing and inspiring fortnight learning ever. Today’s presentation of our group “design concept” to a real client after 48 hours of intense debate and planning was just brilliant…

Thanks Steve Jones for being so tireless knowledgeable inspirational and supportive – the PDC you run is first class. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

Now where’s the wine 😀”

And if we need and endnote to complete the cycle, here is Mobius Loop, with Once Upon an infinate. With images from Chickenshack housing co-operative, their new home, and the place where Sector39 began and was home the product of community aspirations that flowed from a permaculture design course.

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