Chester PDC: D6 Waste not want not

Principle: Nature runs on cycles. There is no waste. The outputs of one process or system are the inputs for another.

Pay attention to

  • Inputs and outputs, think of them as relationships
  • Compost and other strategies to process and hold on to nutrients
  • Designing cyclical systems, by linking outputs and inputs through design
  • Think about how this might apply to food or energy systems, housing or social care
chook inputs

Inputs and outputs of a chicken

Building an instant garden using waste materials as mulch

Composting toilets
There are many approaches as discussed in the session, the Humanure Handbook is widely regarded as one of best sources of information on this vital subject Humanure Handbook

Lady Eve Balfour, on BBC Women’s hour in 1964. She was founder of the Organic movement and the soil association and author of the ground breaking ‘The Living Soil’. Lady Eve’s impact on the soils of the UK and indeed across the world cannot be underestimated, she was the first person to fully articulate that sol is so much more than its chemical components. It is wonderful to hear a clip of her talking about her amazing life.

Inputs and outputs in a hydroponic system

Biospheric foundation, Salford

In an old Victorian print shop and surrounded by contaminated land this urban agriculture project processes local waste streams into high value outputs. Food waste is vermi-composted, yield fertile soil and worms. Woodchip is digested by mycelium yield fertile soil and mushrooms. The worms feed fish in tanks within the building and the fish water is drip fed through aquaponic plant systems yield food and clean water. A forest garden yields research data and fruits. Outputs are sold at Salford’s first ever whole food shop, 78 steps (2 * 39!) a whole 78 strides from the project. Inputs and outputs, intercepting and designing around the local waste stream to create useful resources.

Energy, using all the outputs in combined heat and power systems.

Combined heat and power, it make so much sense. With clean burn technology we don’t need to hide power stations away out of sight and minds, gaining massive efficiency and enabling an integrated power grid utilising energy outputs from many sources.

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