Chester PDC: 7 Pattern language

Simple patterns, repeated create complexity

Simple patterns, repeated create complexity

Hear the permaculture principles put to music by the Formidable Vegetable Sound System


Fibonacci spirals abound in nature

Secret Life of Chaos, Dr Jim Al-Kalili makes sense of the complexity of patterns and chaos, the understanding of which represents the leading frontier of our scientific understanding.


Patterns in nature, PowerPoint from session 7

Patterns presentation.

Zone and sector analysis in permaculture design

This is a very powerful and simple tool with which to make sense of a complex space such as a farm and garden. It allows for consideration strategic placement of elements to build an overall interconnected design.

Zones reflect the degree that we interact with and receive feedback from different physical areas and sectors represent wild energies, like sun and wind that we seek to harmonise with in our designs.



afristar permaculture posters

Afristar permaculture posters. Click to enlarge and explore

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