Reading PDC: 1/6 Permaculture and the city

risc roof

View of the RISC roof, a symbol of regenerative development

Through obsevation and interaction Permaculture design can reveal how to turn problems into solutions.

The Overview effect: to se the view we need to change our perspective, and where better to start that with the testimony of 5 astronauts who gained the perspective of seeing the earth from space, as a whole single entity. I have watched this video many times and it always has an impact on me.

Chris Hedges begins talking at 5 mins.. making some prescient observations and laying out the dangers of embracing illusion and fantasy in the face of he very real threats of a corporate takeover.

State of nature report, Wales. Iolo Williams bares witness to the destruction of the countryside. Moving oratory and emotionally charged words, a call to action.


RIP Toby Hemenway who joined the long list of those who departed us in 2016 will be sadly missed. His final book examines the reality of an urban human population and how we might transform our urban environments into ones that absorb and reprocess waste to produce energy, food and habitat. As author of the Permaculture Garden he is the biggest selling author to date in the permaculture word, his clear and concise analysis is refreshing and informative.

Here is an interview with Toby talking about the book and the possibilities of transforming our cities on the Resilience website.

Here he is a few years ago laying out his permaculture manifesto, how permaculture might save humanity from its own self generated mess.

Arithmetic, population and growth. Dr Albert Bartlett uses simple maths to expose the fatal flaws at the heart of our economic growth obsession.

In Grave Danger of Falling Food.
If you watch only one permaculture video, watch this one. Mollison’s wit, wisdom and passion come across powerfully in this timeless video that transcends the poor sound and graphics that betray its age.

Financial journalists Max Keiser and Stacey Herbert discuss Trumptopia and explore some future themes to look out for with author James H. Kunstler. In part one Max signals he might be considering shaking up the Democratic party by running for office, this could get interesting.

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