PDC Reading 3/6 – P 5 Natural resources

Here is our carbon budget going forward

Here is our carbon budget going forward

Session 5 – Permaculture Design Principle “Use & Value Renewable Resources & Services”


Vertical Forest Buildings – www.technocracy.news/index.php/2017/02/07
Forest Gardening, Busoga, Uganda – http://www.sector39.co.uk/blog/?p=6851
Energy, Oil, Economics – https://ourfiniteworld.com/
Atmospheric CO2 – https://www.co2.earth/
Climate Change – https://skepticalscience.com/
Calculator for angle of sun & other info. – http://www.suncalc.org


“Worms At Work – 20 Days Timelapse Of Vermicomposting” – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n9Mnf9ysNSs
“What Are We Waiting For”, Greenpeace – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=klooRS-Jjyo

Suggested Reading:

The Party’s Over – Richard Heinberg
Future Scenarios – David Holmgren

Topics and key points included:

Recycling Materials & Energy Within The System
Waste must be reduced to increase efficiency
Soil & Composting
Good soil structure & aeration
We don’t need to dig the soil if we let nature do the work!
Bacteria, Earthworms & Composting
Types of power production
The rate and efficiency at which we use energy defines what is a viable resource
Permaculture design aims to harmonise activities with natural cycles of energy flow by matching patterns of energy flow/usage and inputs/outputs
Energy dissipates, moving from dense to diffuse
Climate Change & atmospheric CO2
Shared transport is required to decrease energy usage
EPR = Energy : Profit Ratio = Energy In : Energy Out
Agribusiness & industrial fishing have high EPR’s of about 10 : 1 & 16 :1 respectively
Subsistence horticulture has lower EPR’s – in an organic system using compost & recycling resources, etc, this can be as low as approximately 1 : 16, i.e. 1 joule energy input, 16 joules energy output
Passive solar design, thermal mall, passive heating & passive cooling
Wood pyrolisers and rocket stoves
Local -v- Non-Local Crops & Products
Food prices correlate to oil prices, so food costs increase when fuel costs increase
Fair Trade
Growing for export & out of season produce
Food Securi
Buy local organic fairtrade produce whenever possible!
Ethical concerns include how production impacts people, other species, the environment & ecosystems on a long-term basis
Collective impact of individual choices & long-term implications of purchase decisions
Obtain a yield
Permaculture design integrates ethics, principles & design tools
Climate Change
Carbon sequestration to reduce atmospheric CO2

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