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Dear Friends, we are on a transformational journey….

With great excitement we begin the first day of the PDC in Kamuli, Uganda. Steve and the Sector39 team have been in the country for the past few days, preparing the ground for the course and for future permaculture opportunities including a meeting the advisor to Ugandas vice president, Mr Mula to discuss partnerships with the central government about how to advance permaculture in schools and vulnerable communities, the vice presidents office is now commited to support us with any further ventures which is fantastic news! there are also further meeting scheduled with the Minister of Education in the Buganda Kingdom and member of parliament in the central government, Owek.Honorable Babirye Mary Kabanda.







pdc1Observe and Interact

Today we have covered the first principle in permaculture ‘observe and interact’ combining lectures with group activities and discussion to help identify students personal and collective objectives and provide a background to the principles and ethics of permaculture. we identified some of the main problems faced by us collectively as Climate change and all the associated effects globally and locally as experienced by each of the students and their communities. The loss of connection to living systems, and also the disconnection of people to each other as our world has become more ‘advanced’ and we discussed how we may face these issues. After watching ‘Dirt-the movie’ we had a great discussion regarding soil in all its wonder and versatility and how best to preserve and nourish our soils for future generations, some great observations were made so here are a few!

“if you have to wear a mask to spray your food as its growing, should you not be wearing a mask to eat it too?…”

“we need to feed the soil not the plant”

“it is our responsibility to work with nature and not against it”




As a group we observed some of the local trees and plants and the ecosystems existing within and around them, it was a surprise to everyone how much diversity we could find just steps from the classroom!!

P1000524 - Copy

P1000529We also covered principles of natural systems and looked at sucession, specialisation in the natural world and how all life on earth is interconnected, following on from this we watched ‘the overview effect’  a view from space of our planet earth as a single connected system, to see the planet as a whole living organism….spaceship earth! we have to start acting as one one species with a single destiny.

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