Day 3 – Obtain A Yield

“you can’t work on an empty stomach”


Permaculture principle number 3 is based around obtaining a yield and the best ways in which to do that, so today we looked at planting crops for the future in a sustainable and regenerative manner but also how to provide a more immediate yield for food security, because food is our health, and good food management and nutrition equals good healthcare!

steve teaching

steve telling the class about permaculture principle 3

We also looked at forest systems, how plants work together supporting each others growth and health in guilds, and how important every animal, bird, plant and insect and fungus is to the successful operation of a healthy forest system, take any one of these away and the delicate balance is upset and here we see problems occur.

The class learned about how soil is built by the cycles of plants and animals and also at carbon cycles and how trees help to remove carbon from the atmosphere and return it to the soil, the concept of food forests was also introduced.

Paul a student of last years PDC gave a talk about his practical experience and gave examples of some issues and solutions he and other Ugandan farmers had experienced such as the tricky balance of growing Maize and beans together as the Maize pollen is poisinous to the beans! yet these crops are often grown together, and also the acidifying effect of pine trees on local soils as pine needles contain a herbicide that kills of ground plants and when they decompose they leave the soil at PH4 and this effect can remain for up to 50 years if not addressed properly. He also gave examples of what local species to grow, where to grow them and when, covering pest control through planting methods. Also addressed was the issue of waste plastic and bottles in particular, it is very bad to continue the local practice of burning waste instead he suggested some clever alternatives, like using the bottles as part of drip irrigation syatems and making rope out of waste plastic bags. He also offered tips on planning and planting for small scale farming.

Pauls lecture

Paul gives a talk to the students

In the afternoon the class split into three groups and started discussing and drawing up plans for tree guilds to be planted at Besoga High School.P1000630

group work

group planning tree guilds

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