Day 5 – Use and Value Renewable Resources and Services 1

“Let Nature Take Its Course”


Today the class paid a visit to the local Busoga School for the day where we dug out the ground and planted a Bananna guild behind one of the classrooms, and learned how to select and prepare Bananna suckers to grow more Bannanas! everyone has lots of fun and it was a great learning opportunity, after a delicious picnic lunch in the school grounds we learned from Rich how to survey the land and find out the contours and height differences using a spirit level and line of sight and later in the afternoon Dan gave a demonstration on a couple of different techniques to produce charcoal before the rain came and we all had to make a run for the bus!


Digging the ground for the Bananna guild


Plants for the guild

clearing ground

clearing the ground

steve bananna sucker

Steve with a freshly dug bananna sucker

looking at soil

looking at the rich soil from the school


Vicky with bananna suckers ready to plant


using used PDC flipchart pages as mulch!


Rich and the class surveying using the line of sight method with a spirit level

charcoal demonstration

Dan’s Charcoal demonstration


plants for the guild


charcoal from Dans demonstration 

For the evening session we looked at the 5th principle of permaculture, Use and value renewable resources and services whic teaches us to make the best of the natural resources that we have while staying within our ethics and values to work with nature.

In todays current unsustainable energy climate it makes sense to look to renewable and sustainable sources of energy as with scenarios like peak oil facing us potentially in the next ten years we face some very real and pressing energy issues as there is no like for like replacement for oil in terms of energy density, and as commercial agriculture and fishing use far more energy than the produce reliance on them is not really an option going forward into the future, so we need to look at other means of producing energy such as hydro, solar and we also looked into the facinating idea of Biochar, an amazing idea as the charcoal it produces is a great fertiliser as well as a great fuel source, it can also be crushed and fed to animals as part of their diet producing bio innoculated char to spread of fields, the class is excited for the biochar stove demonstration we have planned for next week!.

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