Day 12 Designing for change

Permaculture embraces chance as the single most constant force. How we interact with change is our opportunity to shape things, to meet needs and to build productive and mutually beneficial relationships.

Seeing change as an inevitable and as an opportunity is a shift in the way the work with the world, Many see change as force to be battled with, however once we consider the proverb from David Holmgren’s principles of permaculture design we might begin to shirt our perspective.

Don’t see things as they are, learn to see them as they will be.

It is a challenge to or a creativity and the realisation that how things are now currently is merely the start point from which we might move forward. Coming to Busoga high school last week we had challenged the course participants to begin to build a vision for Busoga High that could place them at the forefront of permaculture, environmental education and regenerative growth in the education sector for the nation.

We had planned for the final day of the PDC to be the day we put our design in place, to move from paper to reality. It was a Saturday, and although a weekend the school was busy as may students remain them ain the boarding houses as they come from too far away to return home regularly. Our first challenge was to calm the over excited children down and to focus on the 40 individuals who had opted into the permaculture club via the ir farming, nutrition, creative writing and geography clubs. 20 more were added from various groups and suddenly we have 60 members  of the inaugural Busoga permaculture club.

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