Visit to Permaculture Research Institute – Uganda. PRI-UG

Exchanging partnership agreement with PRI-UG

Exchanging partnership agreement with PRI-UG

Thanks to Jagwe Gerald and Bakka Edward for making us so welcome at the PRI-UG farm in Buwama wen we visited a couple of weeks ago

The farm is a wonderful example of ecological land management with an amazingly a broad range of yields, fromrare local breed chickens, to fruits and herbs, from fish and fungus to cross breed cattle.

They are using permaculture principles to build a relationship with the local population and enironment to create a local hub for regenerative agriculture.Using natural springs on the land they are developing an integrated farm system that enhances and protects the amazing biodiveristy of the area.

Sector39 and their Uganda partners are planning for our PDC, which will be near Masaka in Central Uganda, May 2018.

We are planning for visitors to the East Africa Permaculture Convergence in May next year to come to the farm and get involved in the work going on there.

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