Sabina school commentary, PDCUG18 and convergence 2

This is the Paris Climate Accord. It maps a brutal pace of change for the global economy and a rapid transition away from fossil fuels.

These pictures are from Sabina school, Rakai Uganda. The first permaculture school in Uganda and where we are planning to hold a full PDC in May 2018 followed by the first to our knowledge East Africa permaculture conference. We want to bring together permaculture enthusiasts and educators with funders and politicians to work together to provide food secure, sustainable schools the equip all pupils with the skills to be part of a modern and low carbon future. Permaculture brings design and technology together with a deep understanding of ecology and economics; giving us the change to engineer a sustainable future.

I have added some thoughts about the importance and potential of working with permaculture partners to present a credible response to the huge challenges presented us by our changing climate and the changing economy that will have to go with it.

The world is going to a new place and rapidly if we are to survie teh worst effects of the CO2 we are continuing to emit at historically high rates.

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