Permaculture Zimbabwe and beyond

INformation on the PDC at Sabina school here


My personal permaculture journey began in 1990 in Zimbabwe, in Chimanimani, so I was thrilled to find these videos on line. With political change happening there at the moment it feels like a good time to revisit the ideas of these amazing projects and to challenge ourselves how the people of Zimbabwe can improve their lives with good design based on sound ecological principles.

Here is Eston Mgala talking about Permaculture for Africa, from the Kusamala project in Malawi

Here is a short video capturing the recent PDC held by Sector39 in Wales November 2017.

Letter to the Labour party policy board:

I received an email from the Labour party inviting policy submissions for consideration so I fired off a quick email to bring attention to permaculture.

Labour Party

Nov 2017

Hello there,

Keep up the good work, in the last 2 years we have seen a transformation in UK politics like no one expected. I congratulate Labour for revitalising the democratic process by inspiring so many new people to become involved.

My deepest concern is Climate. Without a healthy functioning planetary ecosystem .we have nothing, this realisation has to be central to policy. Oil, coal gas must be left in the ground and can no longer be counted on as reserves or as ways to generate wealth, in fact fossil fuels concentrate wealth in to the hands of the few and cause damage to the biosphere is a long lasting way and decimate the poor who cannot flee the consequences. This is an issue of global justice as well as environment. The Paris Accord maps the way forward and we must seriously and meaningfully embrace these goals and aim to better them

I am a permaculture design teacher, I teach about how economics and ecology can go hand in hand and by embracing this realisation we can create new possibilities for our selves and the rest of the world. My team, Sector39 have developed a schools programme and we trialling this in our local high school here in Wales at the moment, as well us developing a permaculture training hub in East Africa, in Uganda.

Here in Britain we started the fossil fuel age.. I was born near Ironbridge Shropshire and know my industrial history! And I believe passionately that Britain should be leading the world into the post fossil fuel age.. it is the only possible future we can have!

Labour must embrace an ecological approach to economics and understand that many benefits will flow from this.

RIght now I am teaching permaculture courses in Chester Cathedral, in partnership with the Church of England

At Llanfyllin high school here in Wales, funded by the EU and in Uganda as part of a Wales/ Africa programme funded by the Welsh government.

I really think we should talk.

Best wishes


Steven Jones, Director Dragons Housing Co-operative Limited

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