PDC Llanrhaeadr

Permaculture design course in Wales
Next up 6 weekends, starting Mid March, in Mid Wales

12 day full permaculture design course focused on community building, food growing and finding ways to work effectively and cooperatively. We will of course be covering the full Permaculture Curriculum of ethics, principles and design tools while making reference and drawing from the numerous projects and other examples we have in the region.

There a couple of extra places still available and we will be covering the usual PDC curriculum, but I do get to vary the focus of any course slightly according to the interests of the group.

There a couple of extra places still available and we will be covering the usual PDC curriculum, but I do get to vary the focus of any course slightly according to the interests of the group.

I live and work in Llanrhaeadr so I am thrilled to be holding the course here and of course we are surrounded by various projects we have had a hand in for field trips, practicals and visits.

Dates: We have said these will be confirmed by negotiation, but I want to make a strong suggestion, which we can discuss.

Week 1: 16th – 17th March

Week 2: 30th – 31st March

Week 3: 13th – 14th April

Week 4: 27th – 28th April

Week 5: 11th – 12 May

Week 6: 25th -26th

EXTRA WEEKEND: Practicals, Site visits and a catch up if you missed a weekend. I offer weekend 1 or weekend 3 of May as an extra.


Lunch on each day is bring and share. I will make soup and homemade sourdough bread (v) for all, and please add what you like to bring

Saturday Eve

For those staying in the village, I am also offering supper at Dragons, most likely curry, basically vegan, (non vegan options served separately). Let me know in advance for Saturday eve.

Toby Hemenway’s Gaia’s garden is permaculture’s biggest selling book. This great talk from a few years ago is a great place to begin your permaculture journey

Notes from Week 1 and 2

Iolo Williams, State of nature in wales report. Brilliant oratory and startling fact
Bill Mollison, a great introduction to the man who started this all off. Its a bit old and grainy but somehow that takes nothing away from this great video.
Short introduction to David Holmgren and his strategic way of thinking
In the 80’s Bill made a 6 part series called Global Gardener, you can find them all on line, I particularly like the first one as he visits Fambidzani in Harare where I was first trained in permaculture
This is me chatting with Andrew Kalema, a bamboo expert and forest gardener from Uganda, this was on the completion of his PDC
Systems thinking. This wonderful short video shows how everything is connected and introduces the important idea of trophic cascades
I am a big Michael Pollan fan, he has wonderfully insightful way of understanding and describing things and his specialist area is food.
Albert Bates, author of Biochar Solution and Fire has much to say on how we can make strategic interventions in a way that can influence climate, soil and the mirco biome with biochar
this si David Homgren’s new big theme. He has been working on this for some years, he seeks to re model sub urban existence to make it in line with permaculture principles.
This is a wonderful documentary, more about lost civilizations but gets around to introducing the subject of biochar in the Amazon, it is a great starter for this subject. Added on is a short episode about biochar use in NZ.
A short taster of a longer documentary about the Chikukwa project. I have the full video but was told to take it down from YouTube
Zimbabwe embraced permaculture very early on and has produced some of its most successful projects and best teachers. Arriving here in 1990 changed my life
For those interested about our work with the Refugees this is a commentary and pictures of some of our work there
Fun time-lapse of us building thermal mass rocket stoves on a PDC at Sabina School Ssanje Uganda
Estoufa finca. Its a cooking stove that runs on wood gas and produces biochar as a residue
There are many ways to make biochar, this one compares different methods
US food industry, this is the movie of the book, Fast Food Nation by Eric Scholsser, narrated by Michael Pollan
Before this turns into a Michael Pollan fest, but this is a great talk about his booked cooked
Pure entertainment, Mollison is famous for his anecdotes, i think this is the mother of all anecdotes. Makes your hair stand on end, with some amazing insights into ecology at the same time
Tim LaSalle is an agronomist who began in the chemical farming industry. His insights into soil, micorhiazae fungi, fertility and climate give hope. I have better videos of him talking but this is the best I can find on YouTube
Fuel efficient stoves in East Africa. Sector39 work in Northern Uganda
Sheet mulch. If you exclude light the plants die. No need for herbicide. Layers foo carbon and nitrogen will break down to produce healthy clean soil ready for planting
One of the reasons sheet mulch works so well is that worm actions mix up the soil and compost, aerating the soil and energizing the top layers. No need to digging with these guys on your team!

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