Next up, Llanidloes in June

PDC June 2015 Mid Wales

PDC June 2015 Mid Wales

Permaculture Now!
The International Permaculture Convergence comes to UK this year, the Green party is surging in membership, the climate debate is escalating as the evidence mounts and mounts – the times they are a changin!
Seriously though this is no time for triumphalism, we have serious challenges ahead of us. Food prices, energy security, jobs, the growth economy.. all these are closely tied together and if we are serious about protecting our environment then there is alot that has to change. Not least, it is our own thinking that has to shift… we take resources for granted, energy just flows from the plug socket, we have no connection to where our resources come from and would be absolutely helpless if they stopped flowing for one moment.

No Them and Us
Despite the corporate take over, the swing to the right, the nihilist politics of our austerity obsessed government there is no them and us. We are all individuals underneath, we all have kids or relatives that deserve a future, we all have a stake in human evolution. Permaculture design is an evolution in thinking, it enables a broad consensus to be built.. nature is the model, the teacher, biodiversity and interconnectedness are the central tenets and permaculture design gives us a strategy and way to build ideas, make plans and forge agreements that transcend short term personal gain.

June at the source of the Severn
Llanidloes, the wool and spinning town is the first town on the Severn River. A perfect place to be contemplating a sustainable future, close to the source of nourishment for the whole Midlands. We are also down the road from Newtown, the second town on the Severn and home to Robert Owen, the father of the cooperative movement and the first caring capitalist.

We are working with Beryl Smith, Sue Dolman and Richard Stephenson, weavers, spinners and wood turners all. Kev McCormack with his peg looms, artistic eye and creative flair in the kitchen will also be part of the team caring for the participants on the course and making sure everyone has what they need to sustain themselves. The teaching team lead by Steve Jones will guide you through the whole of the permaculture design syllabus and the practical design challenge at the end of the course. We will be visiting Newtown’s ‘Cultivate‘ an organic horticulture training centre where we will be meeting Emma Maxwell, local grower and master gardener who will be taking you deep into teh soils and compost that underpin her successful work.

All this and much much more… we culminate with a Solstice party, celebrating our course completion and the peak of a another year. Come and be part of what is guaranteed to be a life changing and reaffirming experience!

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