Permaculture is a positive, powerful and solutions based approach to design, offering perhaps our most powerful tool to accelerate our collective evolution to a sustainable existence   Steve Jones

Permaculture is the design system for regeneration, for healing and for reconnecting. Directly modelled on nature permaculture takes you beyond sustainability to abundance..

Sector39 lead tutor Steve Jones in 2014 on field trip to Uganda

Permaculture is also the fastest growing grassroots movement around the World.

Accelerated by social media permaculture is rapidly becoming a global phenomenon.

See the International Permaculture Convergence on You Tube #IPCUC2015

We offer this and more,,,

  • Short introductory talks, tailored for your group or school,
  • Half day, one day, 2 and 5 day courses.
  • The PDC is an internationally recognised curriculum and requires a minimum of 80 hours of study. We offer this either as a 2 week intensive residential course or spread over 6 weekends.
  • We offer our own regular programme of courses or can work with you to design a course which you host and recruit for, please get in touch to discuss options

A permaculture design course is a life changing experience, a catalyst to convert your convictions into action and to become an active part of the solution!

Steve Jones, lead tutor Sector39 speaking @ conscious tribal gathering, July 2015

I guess is my permaculture manifesto. I had a chance to speak for 45 minutes to a captive and receptive audience, so I used the opportunity to set out some clear goals for permaculture in both a self conscious and community context. Any of the points raised resonate with you, then then I invite you to find out more about about permaculture.

Video montage of images from past courses..
Every course is different as we vary venues and content to take best advantage of available opportunities.


PDC group at Garth Hillside Garden, with tutor Steve Jones


Micro allotment plots at our organic horticulture training centre in Newtown

Micro allotment plots at the Cultivate organic horticulture training centre in Newtown

Sector39 is an association of leading practitioners and teachers in Permaculture design. We offer a number of Permaculture Design Courses (PDCs) throughout the year, some on a two-week intensive basis, others spread over six weekends spread over 3 months. By arrangement we can also tailor learning experiences and short courses to meet your specific requirements.

Permaculture is a design philosophy and system which can be applied to anything: farms and gardens, homes and business, personal life and human relationships.

The Permaculture Design Course covers an internationally recognised curriculum which brings an understanding of ecology and natural principles together with ethics and values, and provides a tool-kit for applying these in order to design and create abundance. Completing a PDC is often a life-changing and reaffirming experience; an opportunity to put one’s convictions into practice and to start working effectively towards making a better, more just and sustainable world.

DCF 1.0

PDC group visit to Tir Penrhos Isaf in Snowdonia with Chris Dixon

We live in interesting times. The economic paradigm of growth, resource extraction and consumerism has run its course. Wherever you look we are hitting the limits: climate change, peak oil, national and personal debt, mineral shortages, water scarcity, collapsing biodiversity. It is time for a change: we need to embrace natural principles to build abundance and resilience in a way that enhances and compliments nature


Permaculture design originated in Australia when a forester and naturalist, Bill Mollison, teamed up with one of his students, David Holmgren, to write a seminal book called Permaculture One. Permaculture has since become the most dynamic, fastest-growing grass roots movement around the world and is now very much a global phenomenon. The growing network of permaculture design projects demonstrate a powerful alternative perspective, from which we can gain a fresh understanding of our problems and challenges while creating a constructive language and set of concepts with which to frame solutions and responses to these challenges.

consumption_productionPermaculture design is concerned with food, the built environment, education, personal development, community, finance and economics, legal frameworks, health and well being. It emphasises the need for an understanding of the links between all and any of these issues, and offers a holistic framework within which to address them.



More about us:

Biography for lead tutor Steven Jones.

Steve Jones is a passionate and articulate teacher and practitioner of permaculture design, with extensive knowledge of both the theory and practice of sustainable development.

View of the Reading roof garden. We run regular Forest Garden courses there

View of the Reading roof garden. We run regular Forest Garden courses here and were closely involved in its development in 2002-5

More than 20 years of hands-on experience implementing and project-managing land-based initiatives such as community gardens, small farms and sustainable housing cooperatives underpin Steve’s expertise.

Steve is a qualified business studies and economics teacher and has a degree in sustainable development, which bring depth and professionalism to his teaching approach. With his colleagues at Sector39 – an association of designers, gardeners, teachers and crafts people working for a sustainable future – Steve delivers up to six on-site permaculture design courses per year, alongside numerous shorter courses, including on low impact structures, an introduction to permaculture and forest gardening.

The interplay between Steve’s project work and teaching allows theory and practice to continually inform each other, ensuring that he stays engaged and up to date with the latest developments on both sides.

tsw by kate

Steve Jones in 2012 teaching in Portugal

Steve has also played a key role in the Growing Schools forest garden projects in the South East of England and the award winning RISC Roof Garden project in Reading. He was a founding member of the Chickenshack housing co-op in West Wales, has worked at the Centre for Alternative Technology in mid Wales and was green adviser on Channel 4’s ‘Changing Lives – Going Green’ series in 2009. Prior to that Steve ran a series of projects in Central Africa in grass-roots permaculture farming, micro-business development, sustainable agriculture, and housing and worker co-ops.

Brought up on a farm in Shropshire, Steve’s childhood memories are of working on the land, sorting potatoes and plucking turkeys. This formative experience and his subsequent observation of the ongoing changes in agricultural practices and their adverse effects on the environment have remained driving forces in his professional life.

Steve and Sector39 are based in Llanrhaeadr Ym Mochnant, in the Welsh borders.

Steve is available for interview and comment.
To enquire about the services offered by Sector39 or Steve Jones please contact Steve on 0771 981 8959 or email

“We stand on the edge of a sustainability revolution, powered by design, intelligence and good will, rather than by material destruction, pollution and greed. Welcome to a world of new possibilities.”
Steve Jones.