Permaculture resources, for course participants and general interest
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from past permaculture courses
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veg garden visit poached egg plaant, an ideal companion plant garden tour at CAT P Harper's trial garden working on a design idea scything practical steve pickup is a willow expert weaving raised beds design presentation Herbalist Amanda Dean peening the scythe blade


logo Permaculture Association. Educational charity supporting permaculture in Britain
  Permaculture Magazine
  Handouts as used on the Sector39 courses
   Beginner’s guide to Permaculture
 Zone, sector & elevation planning
  Essence of permaculture, e book, by David Holmgren
  Some Key energy graphics used on some recent public talks
  What is permaculture?
   Design Process SADIMET design model
  Some key short videos
  In Grave Danger of Falling Food
  You Tube video of Bill Mollison’s excellent documentary.
Serves as a very good introduction to permaculture
  Greening the Desert
  Geoff Lawton’s first viral video
  PDF versions of some key early texts
    1978 Fukuoka- The One Straw Revolution
   Permaculture Designers Manual Bill Mollison
  1992 Bell- The Permaculture Way, Practical Steps to Create a Self Sustaining World
  Pond landscapes and water management, illustration from the designers manual
   Forest weather systems, illustration from the Designers manualp144&5forestclimate1
   Detail from the illustration abovep144&5forestclimate2
   Forest as a systemp140treesystem
   beginner’s guide to Permaculture
   Building blocks : Limiting factors in design
   Groupwork Handout support group work session
   Design Process – Hints on the process – supporting document to assist with the permaculture design process
   Patterns in design, pattern archetypes
   What is soil ? soil section and notes