dolen ffermio

There are those people who believe that the world’s environmental problems are down to the fact that there are too many people; possibly because this absolves them of any responsibility for trying to resolve them. After all with all those Chinese people or whatever, what does it matter what I […]

PDC Kamuli day 8: Integrate rather than segregate – its ...

Today was all about forest gardens and more importantly systems. With a guest lecture from Paul M. a key member of Dolen Ffermio and a lecturer of agro-ecology at Busoga University. Paul is an experienced gardener, farmer and community grower and shared his experiences from his own small holding near […]

Kamuli PDC Day 4, Apply limitations and accept feedback. Systems ...

A Permaculture course covers an internationally recognised curriculum that embraces an understanding of ecology, economics and people. Those completing the course receive a certificate authenticated by the Permacultre Assocaition of Britian. The course is packed with practical and experienced based ideas an insights. Sector39 is a group of UK based […]

Permaculture Design Certificate course, Uganda May 2016