Session 5 – Permaculture Design Principle “Use & Value Renewable Resources & Services” Links: Vertical Forest Buildings – www.technocracy.news/index.php/2017/02/07 Forest Gardening, Busoga, Uganda – http://www.sector39.co.uk/blog/?p=6851 Energy, Oil, Economics – https://ourfiniteworld.com/ Atmospheric CO2 – https://www.co2.earth/ Climate Change – https://skepticalscience.com/ Calculator for angle of sun & other info. – http://www.suncalc.org Videos: “Worms […]

PDC Reading 3/6 – P 5 Natural resources

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Through obsevation and interaction Permaculture design can reveal how to turn problems into solutions. The Overview effect: to se the view we need to change our perspective, and where better to start that with the testimony of 5 astronauts who gained the perspective of seeing the earth from space, as […]

Reading PDC: 1/6 Permaculture and the city